The first Harry L. Lockwood bought farmland in Hamburg in 1914. The Lockwood Family owned land in South Buffalo, between McKinley Pkwy and Abbott Rd, but saw the need to move to the country because the city was becoming too crowded.


When Harry’s son Clarence married Margaret Holmes in 1925, they moved to the Hamburg farm to take care of the land. On the farm, Clarence grew a variety of vegetables including tomatoes, peppers, and corn. The vegetables were then sold wholesale at the Clinton and Bailey Market in Buffalo where Harry L. Lockwood was the manager until his death in 1939.


In the 1930's, Clarence bought his first greenhouse to start growing vegetable plants earlier than he could have outside. He then used the greenhouse to begin growing geraniums on the side as a way to keep himself occupied in the winter. He also sold these flowers wholesale at the market downtown.


Clarence’s son, Harry J. Lockwood, graduated from Cornell and returned to the farm to work with his father.


While he was in high school in the 70’s, Steve Lockwood began to sell some of the produce they were growing at a roadside stand to earn some extra money; his siblings soon followed suit.


Stephen Lockwood graduated from Cornell University


The 10,000 sq ft Glass Greenhouse was constructed. 


Lockwood's originated as a wholesale business but then transitioned into both businesses wholesale and retail. 


Lockwood's added a 3,000 sq ft Greenhouse and the Retail Store. 


The West side Greenhouse attached to the Retail store was built and added 3,000 square feet to the business. 


The perennial greenhouse was added to the retail store and is the current configuration now. 


The Buffalo Blizzard snowfall took down the Boers greenhouse and was rebuilt. The Boers greenhouse that was replaced is 16,000 sq ft. 


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