Botanical Interests Seeds

Click on the picture or headline Botanical Interests Seeds and this will take you to picture pages of seeds available in the store. Make a list of the seeds you would like and pick up curbside. Please order by email at or by phone at 716-649-4684.  We are sold out of the following seed packs: Peppers California Wonder, Tomato Moskvich, Tomato Cherry Falls, Cucumber Tasty Green, Caster Bean, Cucumber Homemade Pickle, Cosmos Sensation Blend, Zinnia Cut and Come Again, Kale Premier Blend, Pepper Sweet Banana, Bean Pole Kentucky Wonder, Pea Shelling Progress #9, Pea Sugar Snap, Cucumber Straight Eight, Beet Detroit Dark Red, Squash Black Beauty, Carrot Danvers 126, Bean Bush Jade, Carrot Carnival Blend, Bean Gold Rush, Onion Scallion White Lisbon, Lettuce Red Fire, Sunflower Zohar

3" Herbs

 Herbs in a 3" pot. Full Sun.

Price: $3.49

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12in Mixed Herb Pot

A variety of herbs in a 12" plastic pot. 

Price: $24.99

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